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Venus Sign Style

Throughout my 10 years as a wardrobe stylist, I've helped 100s of individuals enhance their life by defining their personal style and simplifying their wardrobe. In 2021, I  discovered the concept of dressing to your venus sign which is meant to help you feel your most confident and authentic self.  I was wonderfully surprised to learn that my Venus in Virgo aligned with my personal style board I've been using for almost a decade, and knew I had to explore this further. I've been sharing style updates for each sign across Tiktok! 

Below you can access a style board for each venus sign based on my own interpretation and research of each sign style. You can use them as inspiration to curate your own personal style, so you can dress with ease and joy every day.  Watch a video summary of your venus sign style here on Tiktok. 

If you're unsure of your Venus Sign, google your birth chart or use astrological apps like Astromatrix (I use this one). 

Venus in Aries Style Personal Style.png

Sophisticated, bold, statement, iconic

Venus in Cancer Style Wardrobe Stylist.png

Soft, flowy, cool, vintage

Venus in Virgo style personal style.png

Classic, feminine, polished, stylish

Venus in Capricorn Style Personal Stylist.png

Powerful, professional, elegant, timeless.

Venus in Taurus Personal Style.png

Radiant, feminine, opulent, luxurious. 

Venus in Leo Style Wardrobe Stylist.png

Luxurious, bold, earthy, elevated

Venus in Scorpio Style Personal Stylist.png

Powerful, feminine, sultry, and intense

Venus in Aquarius Style Personal Stylist.png

Alternative, eccentric, confident, androgynous

Venus in Gemini Style Personal Stylist.png

Confident, trendy, experimental, sexy

Venus in Virgo Style Personal Style Stylist.png

Minimal, earthy, feminine, effortless

Venus in Sagittarius Style Personal Stylist.png

Adventurous, eclectic, effortless, fun. 

Venus in Pisces Style Personal Stylist.png

Ethereal, soft, feminine, relaxed

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